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Last updated 3/7/13
* = confirmed speaker

Speaker Title
Don Anderson (USA)* Considerations in subject-specific articular joint modeling related to implementation in larger population-based studies
Lynne E. Bilston (Australia)* Computational modelling of CNS diseases
Tom Brown (USA)* Computational modeling of wear of orthopaedic total joint replacements
Tim David (New Zealand)* Multi-scale modelling in physiology: from the discrete to the homogenised
Suvranu De (Plenary Speaker, USA)* Virtual surgery
Scott Delp (Plenary Speaker, USA)* Insights from dynamic simulations of human movement
Ahmet Erdemir (USA)* Predicting cell mechanics from joint and tissue loading
Sam Evans (U.K.)* Identification of material properties of ascending aortic aneurysms using an inflation test
Paulo R. Fernandes (Portugal)* Topology optimization of scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Thomas Franz (South Africa)* Biomechanics of acellular injection therapies for myocardial infarction
B.J. Fregly (USA)* Muscle Synergies Improve Estimation of Knee Contact Forces during Walking
Amit Gefen (Israel)* Cellular mechanics of adipocytes
Weiyong Gu (USA)* Cell viability in intervertebral disc under various pathologic, dynamic loading, and therapeutic conditions: 3D finite element analysis
Edward Guo (USA)* Image based finite element analyses of osteoporosis patients
Chris Jacobs (USA)* The biomechanics of primary cilia
Ellen Kuhl (USA)* Mechanics of the mitral valve
Jia Lu (USA)* Inverse analysis of intracranial aneurysms
Andrew McCulloch (Plenary Speaker, USA)* Multi-scale modeling of the failing heart: From mouse to man
John Middleton (U.K.)* Dental biomechanics
James Moore (U.K.)* Lymphatic systems modeling
Ralph Mueller (Switzerland)* Local mechanical stimuli regulate bone formation and resorption at the cellular level
Glen Niebur (USA)* Multiphysics simulations in bone
Cees Oomens (Netherlands)* A novel method for in-vitro mechanical characterization of the top layers of the skin
Chris Peters (USA)* Patient specific computational modeling to facilitate our understanding of hip pathomorphology
Dominque P. Pioletti (Switzerland)* Biomechanics in muskuloskeletal tissue engineering
Nigel Shrive (Canada)* Why inter-insertional distance is a poor correlate for ligament load - analysis from in vivo data
Michael S. Sacks (USA)* Simulation of heart valve biomaterial fatigue
Wafa Skalli (France)* Advances in subject specific modeling and applications to scoliosis
Marc Thiriet (France)* Mathematical model of acupuncture
Jos van der Sloten (Belgium)* Functional outcome prediction after surgical interventions
Jonathan Vande Geest (USA)* Material property determination of ocular tissues using an inverse finite element approach
Pascal Verdonck (Belgium)* Virtual design of medical devices
Uwe Wolfram (Switzerland)* Constitutive modeling of the post-yield properties of bone